Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm a Kid at Heart

Last week I had the opportunity to go back to Camp Bob as a volunteer. Because this place is so special to me, I was super excited to go hang out for the week, see old friends, and play with some great kids.

I got there a couple of days before the week's campers arrived and spent some time in town and running trails :) However, due to lots of unexpected circumstances (camp is all about being flexible, right?) I ended up being offered a counselor position for the week. I immediately accepted and then began my week looking over 15 eleven and twelve year old girls.

I had definitely forgotten about the demands of trying to keep children from stupidity and death, and the week was full of teenage drama, sickness, and tears. However, mixed in with all that, was lots of fun, smiles, and hugs. I'm hoping that my girls got as much out of that week as I did. I think that having a job that allows me to swim, hike, sing lots of crazy songs until I lose my voice, etc. is just about perfect! I know I must enjoy camp just as much (if not more) than the campers.

The week was also a great reminder, after a year without really working with kids, of why I want to be a teacher. Last summer I had an administrative position in the camp and was mainly doing behind-the-scenes work and discipline. While it was a great experience and I grew and learned a lot, I was reminded by this week as a counselor how much I get out of more direct interaction with the campers. I can't help but make the transfer to education and my (hopefully) future career as a teacher. Maybe eventually I'll want to look into other areas, possibly even school administration...but for now I'm excited about being in the thick of things as a classroom teacher, taking both the ups and the downs, and being a "kid" for as long as I can!

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